Harbour Owners’ Winterizing Responsibilities

Year after year The Harbour Living Units suffer numerous frozen/broken water lines that cause considerable damage to our properties. There could be damage even when winterizing is completed, but failure to winterize may be considered negligent.

Owners not living at the Harbour full time, or those leaving their unit for any “extended” period in the winter, MUST winterize their units. If flooding and/or water damage occurs to adjacent units as a result of an Owner’s failure to winterize, those Owners can be held personally responsible for that damage. It may be considered negligence.

Please follow the following practices for your own property’s protection and the protection of your neighbors:

  • Service your heating system BEFORE winter
  • Leave your heating system ON
  • Set your thermostat AT or ABOVE 65 degrees with a heat pump, or 60 degrees with gas heat
  • Set your demand miser AT or ABOVE 17 kw
  • For units with heat pumps, ALWAYS set the thermostat on your supplemental heat. Never count on the heat pump through our very cold months!

If you are leaving for the winter:

  • Close all windows
  • Flush all toilets and put antifreeze in tank and bowl
  • Open ALL water spigots in your unit
  • Shut the main water valve off
  • Leave ALL spigots open
  • Set your thermostat as suggested above —

Do not turn off heat!!

  • Turn icemaker off
  • Shut off power to water heater

Please be responsible and winterize.