The Harbour is a beautiful waterside gated community located in Sandusky, Ohio along the shores of Sandusky Bay and Lake Erie. There are 188 Living Units in 10 distinctive condominium formats. The Harbour Homeowners Association, Inc. (HOA) is an Ohio non-profit corporation, created by the Declarations and Bylaws, recorded in Erie County, Ohio, to manage the common elements of the Harbour Community including but not limited to the Clubhouse, pools, tennis and basketball courts, roads, street lights, gates, seawalls, and channel. It is not a condominium association. All of the 188 Living Units share the maintenance costs of these common elements. Owners elect the 5 member Board of Directors and the Board manages the Association’s affairs on behalf of the 188 Owners. All streets and roadways within the Properties are private and are maintained by the Association. About half of the Living Units in the Master HOA do not have direct access to boat docks on the property. The other half of the Living Units own their own dock or boathouse with direct access to the water channels and Lake Erie. Yet all Owners are responsible for their share (1/188) of channel maintenance, including dredging, and seawall maintenance. The documents clearly spell out this obligation.

The Master HOA Annual Meeting is held on the first Saturday in October every year. The main purpose of the annual meeting is to elect Directors. Every year unit owners will receive an Annual Meeting Notice approximately 30-45 days prior to the Annual Meeting.

The Harbour consists of 10 condominium associations referred to as Sub-Associations. The Sub-Associations are separate condominium groups, each with a set of recorded Declarations and Bylaws that delineate the responsibilities of their Owners and the Sub-Associations. When issues occur at a Living Unit or Phase, the Owner should notify the Sub-Associations to clarify any questions regarding resolution. By getting familiar with your documents you will learn Owner, Sub-Associations, and Master HOA responsibilities.

The Property Manager is a part-time employee of the HOA.  He is in contact with the Master HOA board on a regular basis. The Master HOA is willing to help when a critical situation occurs, but building issues must be handled through your Sub-Association. The Master HOA Board of Directors and its employees do not have the responsibility for law enforcement. The responsibility for dealing with suspicious or criminal activity remains exclusively with the Sandusky Police Department. If you see suspicious activity you are urged to call the Sandusky Police Department.

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